Montreal, Quebec

I've been to Montreal a couple of times. The first time I was too young to really remember all the sights. The second time was last year for one night, where I saw Tame Impala (one of my favourite bands) live, which blew my mind.

Since that night, I had promised myself to go back and have a bit longer to explore the beautiful city. Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of going back with a really close friend of mine. A few months back we thought it would be a great idea, since we both want to be more avid travellers. Within a month it was all booked and before we knew it the date had arrived. We woke up early, boarded a megabus and onwards we went.

The ironic thing is that when I travel, I love to walk about twelve hours a day. However, I injured my ankle a couple weeks before leaving which made things a little complicated. I was fortunate enough to have the injury mostly healed by the time the trip rolled around and although there were aches and pains here and there, we ended up walking pretty much everywhere! Considering we were only there two and a half days, the amount we did in that period of time makes it seem much longer.

I absolutely LOVE the architecture in Montreal, and couldn't stop taking pictures (my camera roll is pretty crazy right now), but what stuck with me this time was the sense of community. There was a friendly vibe in everybody I met -- the coffee shop baristas, the family who asked me to take a photo of them, even the people walking by -- the people seemed very happy and proud of their city, which added a lot to the experience. Between the kind people, the amazing coffee + old buildings I can say that I will most definitely be back again soon.